Getting Started

Before You Begin

First, welcome to Sprintforms! We're glad to have you on board.

To get the most out of our platform, and before you start working on client files, please take a moment to fill in your personal and firm profile. This will allow Use of Representative forms to autopopulate with your professional information. 

Personal Profile

In the top right menu, select "View Profile". 


Fill in your information, then press "Save Changes".


Firm Profile

In the top right menu, select "Manage Profile". 


Fill in your firm's information, then press "Save Changes".


Choosing Your Workflow

After filling in your profile, you're ready to begin using Sprintforms!

Sprintforms supports two types of immigration case workflows, those that use intake form/questionnaires, and those who prefer to send immigration forms directly. To get started, choose the workflow that best describes your style of practice: