Working in a Firm

Sprintforms supports working collaboratively with members of your law firm. To get started, you can invite people to your firm by using the "Invite to Firm" menu item, and entering their emails in the pop up box that follows.


Firm Roles

Members of your firm can be assigned two different roles: "Practitioner" or "Processor".

Practitioners are individuals whose information will be available to pre-fill Use of Representative forms. Typically, these individuals who are both: 1) authorized to represent clients for consideration under Canadian immigration law, and 2) usually a signatory on the Use of Representative form. 

Processors are individuals who may work on forms, but will never have their information be on the Use of Representative form. Generally, these are individuals who will work under the name of a lawyer, paralegal, or immigration consultant. 

To choose your firm members' role, navigate to the "Manage Firm" page on the top right menu:


You'll then see a list of Firm Members who are part of your firm. You can click on the "Practitioner ..." or "Processor ..." button to change their role:


Assigning Files

Once you have members in your firm, you will be given an additional option when creating questionnaires or forms to assign these questionnaires or forms to a particular firm practitioner: 


Assigning a specific practitioner will have their information prefilled on the form bundle's Use of Representative forms (if applicable). It also provides an easily accessible way for you to keep track of who is responsible for which client's file.

Firm Files

Sprintforms will allow for you to view, edit, and contribute to any of your firm members' forms/questionnaire. You can do so by searching for a specific client on the right hand side search bar:


You will also find a list of your firm's most recently accessed files on the bottom of your "Recent Applications" list:



Lastly, you can even create applications/forms for your firm's clients, including using any of the client's previously prefilled questionnaires. In the example below, we've found our "Test Client" from the Law Firm Client section of the search bar, and are in the process of assigning them to a new Quebec application form to them. We've also assigned the practitioner of "Christopher Firmtest" as the assigned practitioner.