Questionnaire and Intake Forms

Sprintforms supports collecting information in a format that is more accessible and friendlier than immigration forms. 

Here is an example of what the spousal sponsorship questionnaire looks like: 


Currently, Sprintforms has the following available:

Questionnaire Coverage

Questionnaires aim to get a majority of the information from your clients, but they are not 1-to-1 replicas of the questions found on the immigration forms. Our out of the box questionnaires will give you a good head start on the forms, especially if you match the questionnaire type with the application type (e.g. spousal sponsorship questionnaire will work best for spousal sponsorship applications), but it will not be a complete application.

In other words: even if a client has finished a questionnaire, you'll still have to fill in missing information on the immigration application form itself. Keep that in mind as you use questionnaires.

Copying Information From Questionnaires to Forms

Once a questionnaire is created and assigned to a individual, the information contained with in it is immediately available to "copy" from the questionnaires on to the forms. 

When you create an application bundle, or form, you will have a choice to select which the source questionnaire, from which information from that will be copied into the most appropriate spots on the destination form.


Note: You can choose to copy information from any questionnaire to any form, but results will vary. For example, you may choose to copy information found on a client's "spousal sponsorship questionnaire" to a work permit form, but the resulting form will not be as filled in as fulsomely as if you used the work permit questionnaire as a source.